POST v1/Order/PlaceOrder

Setup a new order

GET v1/Order/OrderDetails/{orderno}

Gets the order by order no.

GET v1/Order/MasterData

Gets the available models

GET v1/Order/MasterDataX

Gets the available models grouped by model

POST v1/Order/UploadOrderData/{orderno}

Uploads any extra information related to order such invoices, shipment labels.

GET v1/Order/CancelOrder/{orderno}

Cancel order by orderno

GET v1/Order/CancelOrderItem/{id}

Cancel orderItem by its ID

POST v1/Order/UpdateOrderAddress

Updates an Order address


GET v1/WebHooks

Get a list of subscriptions

POST v1/WebHooks/Subscribe

Subscribe to a webhook

POST v1/WebHooks/Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe it can unsubscribe all subjects with same url, all urls from same subject, or a specific url/subject combination